• 1507 21st Street, 2nd Floor,  Sacramento CA 95811

We design and build the creative future for startups and entreprenuers.

Coworking Space - 26 Offices - 3 Phone Booths - 2 Meeting Rooms - Event Spaces

Cowo Campus was founded by Kuks Singh and Preet Kaur and is to be a fast-growing network of creative entrepreneurs, spreading across Sacramento, starting with Downtown. We are looking to become the largest network of innovative co-working space in the Northern California.  We are the place to gather. 
Creative Working is a work style for businesses that do not yet, or may never require a conventional office. We've enjoyed witnessing many co-workers prosper, through trading with and supporting one another.   Why sign leases for three, four, or even five years when you have no way of knowing how big or small your business will be in that time?

Wouldn’t you prefer a space with soul, and a place you can envisage yourself going to work everyday? Somewhere you’ll be more likely to connect with the talent that you want to attract.  It’s really difficult to be an entrepreneur and running your own business. There will be difficult times or issues that you might not feel you can speak to your team about, these problems then get bottled up and cause you unnecessary stress.  

Cowo Campus offers incredible flexibility with no leases to worry about. We also give you a genuine support network; other people like you, running businesses, having problems, helping each other by sharing their experience and knowledge.

We Breakdown Walls So That We Can Breakthrough In Our Businesses
– Cynthia Chiam

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