• 1507 21st Street, 2nd Floor,  Sacramento CA 95811


Here are some common questions we feel you may ask.

What is Coworking?
Coworking is two or more individuals working independently or collaboratively who are socially interacting while they work.  Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared workplace, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization.
Is the coworking space free?
We have free coworking space access for local creatives and startups that have sent in an application.  We have amazing flexible rates and plans that have been built from the modern day creative and entrepreneur.
How productive can I be in the space? Do people actually get work done?
Some people have assumed that a coworking space is simply a place to be social. Yes, it is a social atmosphere, but everyone is here to get work done. Productivity is an important factor in determining whether coworking is a good investment for a new potential member. People absolutely get work done! In fact, many people find they are able to be a lot more productive because it is such a professional, focused environment. Everyone works differently, we realize. For this reason, we have several rooms dedicated to different styles of work.

We have the main coworking community lounge, the event space, and even a “quiet room.” Coworkers also respect each other and will usually do their best not to interrupt your work-flow. Wearing headphones is generally a good tip-off to people that you’re trying to focus and cannot talk.

How does cleanliness work?
We have house rules but have three basic guidelines for cleanliness: 1) Wash your dishes 2) Clean up coffee spills 3) Get rid of smelly left overs. We have a cleaning crew that comes in twice a week (weekday + weekend), but because we have so much traffic that comes in throughout the space if everyone does their part to keep their footprint small then everything seems to work out just fine
If I need to find someone to hire for a project, what is the best way to do that?
Post the job on our job board. It’s a great way to hire a Cowo Campus community members for a project. Fulltime members and basic members can login to view the job listing. This is done to make sure that the people who apply are vetted by the Cowo Campus community. Once it’s posted we’ll promote the gig via Facebook & Twitter.

Do we have access to the mailing address?
Unfortunately no, only our office residents have access to the mailing address. 
Is there parking?
Yes, there is.  There is metered parking directly in front of the building on 21st Street and free street parking on O Street, if your lucky enough to find a space.
How do phone calls work?
We have three phone booth rooms at Cowo Campus where  people can make a private phone call.  We encourage not to be in the booth for longer that thrity minutes as a courtesy for other people.
Is it safe to leave my laptop there while I go out to lunch or run errands? What’s security like there?
Yes. It’s certainly okay to just leave your stuff for a short period. Everything will be there when you get back, but if you’ll be gone for more than thirty minutes then please just make sure you take you stuff with you.  We are not responsible for any losses.

What’s types of events do you host —can I attend them?
We host a lot of events. It’s pretty easy to become involved in the tech, entrepreneur, freelance, and general social community by simply being here at Cowo Campus. 

Cowo Campus has will host numerous technology, entrepreneurial, and social media community events and meetups. Any event we host at Cowo Campus we make sure that our coworkers are included in action.
How does printing work? Do I get certain allotted number of pages per month?
We will be having wirelessly shared color laser printers and you’re welcome to use for a small fee. Download drivers here. 
Can I bring outside food and drinks?
Unfortunatly No.  For us to be able to offer you all an amazing and creative free space, we need to be able to fund ourselves by charging for the coffee, food and drinks.